Psychotherapy for Adults and Children

Are you looking for a therapist in Pasadena? I’m a psychotherapist who offers psychoanalysis and counseling for adults, children, adolescents and couples. I am located in South Pasadena, five blocks from the Gold Line.

I can help you to a better understanding of what lies beneath the surface conflicts in your relationships, whether they be with with your spouse, children or others, and assist you in moving toward a deeper, less fragile connection with those you care about most. If you are an adult suffering from depression or anxiety or just have a feeling of being held back, I can guide you to a new way of looking at things that will allow you to be kinder to yourself and more open to new possibilities. In the words of Gregory Bateson, “sometimes it takes two to know one.”

Children and adolescents tend to act out or withdraw when faced with emotions they feel unable to express. I offer therapy for children and adolescents that helps them put words to their feelings, or to enact them in play or art, so they can become less reactive and more themselves at home and with peers. Children of divorce are particularly prone to problems. Even when parents have the best intentions, children often feel pressure to take sides or to express the other parent’s anger. As a neutral confident, I can help your child tell about his conflictual emotions (through words, drawing or play) without experiencing overwhelming feelings of divided loyalty. The ideal is for the child to be able to feel love for both his parents, without also feeling guilt or anger.

I also work with people in recovery from addiction, helping them understand and resolve emotions they had  previously — and, of course, unsuccessfully — tried to get rid of.

Feel free to call me at 626.817.2462 or email me by clicking this link. I am happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Daniel Goldin, LMFT Therapist in South Pasadena Therapist