Couples Therapy

"Love hath reason, reason none"

We rarely understand why we fall in love, so it should come as no surprise when we don't understand why we have fallen out of love. We tend to have the same fight again and again and not quite understand why. Or we turn away from what bothers us in our partner, not thinking too hard about it, but feeling a loss of love as well. We lose  perspective from too much engagement and blame, or from not enough engagement. We tend to draw our emotions from childhood, our first source of knowledge when it comes to self and other, and even act like children sometimes. And yet we sense that this age-old struggle of being two and one at the same time is important to us, that the very unreasonableness of our feelings gives them their reason to be. Therapy cannot restore a broken marriage. Occasionally it will even speed up the process of separation. But often enough the presence of a caring, non-judgemental third person can help disentangle the past from the present and allow for new ways of being with one another.